What is Conversion Rate And How Do You Optimize It?


You’ve probably heard this buzz word when talking to individuals about how they can help you increase your performance online, conversion rate optimization (CRO). To find your current conversion rate (CR) take the number of defined conversions that you have seen (sales, appointments, newsletter signups, etc.) and divide it by the number of visitors to your website during the same time period. This percentage of visitors that converted is your CR. CRO is the practice of increasing conversions from site visitors that are potential customers. There are many ways to increase website conversion of your online marketing below are a few of the easiest ways to help improve your conversion rate.

What’s your Conversion Goal?

This seems pretty silly, but before you start optimizing your site you need to know what your goal is going to be. If you want your conversion rate to be 15%, but your current conversion rate is only 2.5% and the industry average rate is 5.5% you’re setting yourself up for failure. Look to increase by a few percentage points at first, and adjust your goals once you hit them.

Get the Right Website Traffic

One thing that can ultimately help you with your conversion rate is making sure that your site is getting the right traffic coming into the site. Focusing on higher quality traffic sources and look to find ways to reduce your bounce rate (the amount of people that leave your site after only one page) and increase the time that individuals spend on your site. Yoast has a great piece that dissects the bounce rate within Google Analytics.

Focused traffic can be difficult to find, but spend some time looking at your current customer base to identify patterns or connections within your current customers to identify interests or categories to segment your audiences better when advertising your business.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are great ways to help improve your CRO. The page design of landing pages should focus on one desired action for users to take. Crazy Egg discusses how landing pages are there for one thing, conversions. Removing distractions and allowing the user experience to focus on what your goal is specifically can help increase your conversion rates significantly. If you want someone to fill out a form to receive a case study, look to tease the study, ask only the questions you need to ask and limit the call to action (CTA) to focus on the click.

Search Engines

Make sure that your indexed with the major search engines. Google’s Search Console and Microsoft’s Webmaster Tools cover the major traffic sources (Google, Bing, Yahoo). Indexing your sitemap helps to tell the search engines what content you have on your site. By using this tool you can help drive more and better focused traffic to those landing pages you’ve set up.

These few tips and much more can really help make a quality impact on your conversion rate. A few things to keep in mind. First, always A/B test items when you can, if you aren’t testing your just hoping and praying that what you’re doing is working. Secondly, know that time is a needed ingredient for proper CRO. Give your changes at least a week or two before you make a call on changing something, plus if you are constantly changing your landing pages, you’ll never identify where your sweet spot is. Last, don’t be afraid to fail, CRO isn’t an exact science, and what works now might not work six months from now. Failing is part of every aspect of business, just make sure that you learn from those failures and adapt accordingly.

Ryan Bradford