About Ryan Bradford


Hello, my name is Ryan Bradford and I am an experienced high-performing Digital Marketing, Account Executive, and Business Development Management professional. I possess proven cross-functional skills that reach across several sectors and that have increased interest in consumer goods, e-commerce, or services leveraging media planning, digital competence, market research, and branding with the flexibility needed to blend skills to meet demands. I have been acknowledged for demonstrating the mental acuity and determination to identify opportunities for process improvements and to quickly and efficiently apply team and leadership skills to a company’s overall objectives. I have been dependable in my robust approach to streamlining operations to enhance productivity and for driving key initiatives from planning to implementation.

I am driven by customer satisfaction and metric based performance; exceeding company and client expectations. My skills are highly transferable at the core; but my passion is in marketing. If you are seeking a proven achiever, I may be the answer to your quest.

Additional experience includes:
⇨ Marketing Campaign Planning and Execution
⇨ Relationship Management
⇨ Advanced Communication Skills
⇨ Process Improvement
⇨ Strong Track Record of Success
⇨ Driving Growth
⇨ Troubleshooting Data
⇨ Data Driven Decision Making


Ryan’s Experience

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