Conversion Interactive Agency

Digital Marketing Specialist and Account Executive

My strategies for growing a company have been very much the same for many years and include performance monitoring, identifying opportunities, and working with key decision makers. Within Conversion Interactive, I am responsible for developing robust marketing campaigns, tailored to what a client needs to improve recruitment, retention, and branding initiatives. Through time, I have improved company revenue and increased conversion rates by 25% through the creation and integration of a digital campaign plan and by working cohesively with vendor and client partners. I deliver comprehensive data driven campaign performance reports and ensure campaign success in recruitment by anticipating changes in hiring trends and by keeping current on emerging marketing products, techniques, and solutions.

My Key Accomplishments include:

● Improved methods for gathering, analyzing, and troubleshooting data from Google Analytics.

● Established a conversion market research method that provided clients with custom solutions on

when to expand into emerging markets and to determine/set pay benchmarks.

● Designed a new action cycle approach to both digital and social campaigns that resulted in

improving conversion rates by 25%.

● Successfully drove growth in personal account portfolio by 56% and overall company revenue growth

by 24% by producing reportable and strategic marketing results.

● Increased total spends in digital portfolio to over $5M across 30+ clients

Ryan Bradford